Two Excellent Bluetooth Headphones

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So recently for DragonBlogger I have reviewed two excellent Bluetooth headphones, and while my full review is done for the Arctic P614 I am just about to finish up my review of the Creative Soundblaster EVO ZxR.  These headphones cover two price spectrums, the Arctic P614BT being much more in the medium to low end price range (when on sale) and the Soundblaster EVO ZxR being on the high end of the price spectrum easily competing with the most premium noise cancellation headphones you see by other competitors.

Arctic P614 BT

First, the Arctic P614 BT is an excellent headphone choice and is the best Bluetooth headphone pair I have reviewed that is under $60.

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What I like about the Arctic P614 BT is the way they fit and the comfort of the ear cups, they rest on your ears not completely enclose your ears and just sound excellent.  They pair perfectly with anything and I have tested them on a Kindle Fire HDX, iPhone 5S and paired them with my Windows 8.1 PC but the mic quality of these headphones is much better on mobile devices than with Windows for some reason.

Creative Soundblaster EVO ZxR

The Creative SoundBlaster EVO ZxR are however the best headphones I have ever reviewed, they have an incredible comfort with the ear cups that completely surround your ear. The sound quality is beyond amazing and the active noise cancellation works very well completely dampening out background sounds and works better if the sounds are a deep and low rumbling such as plane noise or driving noise.

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Of course the Soundblaster EVO ZxR are not budget friendly but if you need a premium pair of headphones that you can wear for hours (seriously I wore this over 5+ hours straight listening to an audiobook, or music) and they never cause discomfort on the ears.

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