Embarrassed to Live in Arizona?

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Many people have chided or otherwise poked fun at Arizona and the residents who are living here after the Governor passed legislation that is borderline illegal and will no doubt cost the state millions of dollars in class action lawsuites and legal fees as people start challenging it and claiming racism and discrimination.  I do think we have an illegal immigration problem, but this solution penalizes everyone who “appears” foreign by forcing them to have documentation with them at all times that proves that they are legal.  Let’s face it, people were saying that “Paul McCartney himself or Canadians would have the same risk of interrogation” but this is a farce, in Arizona this potentially gives open ground to law enforcement to question anyone who has dark skin and appears to be hispanic.

I have many friends whose teenage children are up in arms about this issue in schools, residents.  The system is too left open to interpretation and this is why it will be abused.  They should be focusing more on the coyotes and people who traffic human beings into this country illegally more than the people who are desperate to get here and make lives for themselves.  Sure they got here illegally, but the ones who have been living here peacefully for decades or have had children born here shouldn’t be penalized for wanting a better life.

This country was founded on immigration and continues to be founded on immigration, there is something that needs to be done but it does need to be at the federal level and California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and every other state should have the same set of rules instead of each state making up their own laws.  This will only shift the residential and point of entries to other states, instead of solving the problem as a whole.  An easier path to citizenship and legality should also be provided.

There is truth that illegal immigration and illegal residents in Arizona drive up costs of everything from health care to taxes, because of the lack of income the state gets and the fact that many go to state and city medical treatment facilities since they can’t have health insurance.  You don’t make things right by driving people to being afraid and this type of tactic.  This combined with the fact that Arizona just made carrying a concealed handgun legal and no permit is required anymore is only proving how far backwards the state is going.

Not cool to be an Arizona resident right now, and the sooner this legislation is overturned the better.  I just hope it doesn’t bankrupt the state trying to defend it in court.

-Justin Germino

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