EasyAzon Tables aka TableZon Plugin Review

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So you know how much I love EasyAzon for inserting Amazon affiliate images, info boxes and links into posts and EasyAzon 4 has even more localization options than previous versions.  Well there is a few sub plugins for EasyAzon and one of those is called EasyAzon Tables which this review is focused on.

So with EasyAzon Tables aka TableZon you add an extra element when you click on your EasyAzon button which is the “add to table” and once you add 1 product to a table, you can search and continue adding other products to  a table.

A quick search for headsets for example and I can quickly and easily build a table selecting the headsets that I like and think are a good fit for this table.

After you add the products to the table and are done, click on finish table button, then you get to customize the attributes that list in your table.  First you get to rename any of the products so that the text matches what you want to say, typically though most product names are fine unless the company tries to shove every keyword possible into the product name where you may want to trim it down.

You then select which attributes you want in your table by checking them, once you select the attributes you want you can re-order them in how you want them to display.

Now, there are some limitations of the EasyAzon Tables plugin, one is that you can’t select a product image as an attribute, I SO WISH that a little thumbnail (smallest size pic) was an option as an attribute, because a picture tells a thousand words and just having a link and text is fine (hover over it and it will show more product details like below if configured).

But it would have been nice to have that little thumbnail image next to the product name that was also a clickable image.  Second it is hard to know exactly which attributes you really want the first time around, in this case Brand, Manufacturer, Publisher were all pretty much same thing so I really only needed Brand.  Sizing was blank for 1/2 the products, and Feature is nice but can be long winded on some products and short winded or not really list features but shipping info on other products.

The other issue is once you insert the table, there is no easy way to back in and edit it, like add or remove existing attributes (well you can modify the shortcode directly but only if you know exactly what attributes to add.

It would have been ideal to list the star rating with stars for each product too, I think seeing 4+ star rating for products in a table would be an incentive to click, but that isn’t an attribute option.  I also find release date would be awesome if it was accurately filled out for each product, but as you can see on the EazyAzon Table below it isn’t always filled out.

So I think EasyAzon Table can help build tables of information, but product name, brand and list price are about the most useful fields, the rest of the fields seemed unreliable and I wish current price, thumbnail image and star rating of the product listed in the table were listed.

Here is sample output of an EasyAzon Table below:

[easyazon_table attributes=”Brand,Model,Feature,ReleaseDate,ListPrice” identifiers=”B00DU2CHE2,B00M882BMM,B00BFOEY4I,B00EDHEU2A,B00SAYCVTQ,B00HLUZX7M” locale=”US” orientation=”at” tag=”httpwwwjustin-20″ text=”SADES SA-708 Stereo Gaming Headphone Headset with Microphone (Blue)|EACH G4000 Professional 3.5mm PC Gaming Stereo Noise Canelling Headset Headphone Earphones with Volume Control Microphone HiFi Driver For Laptop Computer|Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset|SADES SA-708 Stereo Headset Gaming Headset with Microphone (Green)|HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset for PC/PS4/Mobile – Gun Metal (KHX-HSCP-GM)|Sades Stereo 7.1 Surround Pro USB Gaming Headset with Mic Headband Headphone (White)”]

Overall though, if you want to list multiple products in a table, I think the EasyAzon Tables or TableZon  plugin has potential, maybe it should also give you a “custom field” where you can enter your own data (name the column and add your own details) like if you want to give your short 1 or 2 sentence summary of the product.

It is more efficient to buy EasyAzon 4 with the TableZon extension than buying it separately but if you already have EasyAzon 4 you can buy TableZon separately for $27.

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