e-Rewards Needs More Rewards

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I have been a member of the e-Rewards system for several years now and one thing that hasn’t changed much is the type of rewards you can apply for once you take enough survey’s to collect.

I particularly enjoyed some magazine subscriptions but several of them were no longer offered.  I also exchanged my rewards for local Blockbuster store movie rentals but they removed that and put a $10 coupon for Blockbuster Express kiosks instead where there isn’t one close to my house.


e-Rewards has to be more like Swagbucks which had a vast partnership and offers rewards for everything from shopping to gift cards.  Particularly Amazon.com gift cards or certificates would be of value to me because I can translate them into giveaways for my blog readers.

As far as I know, e-Rewards is still an invite only service and you have to be a member of a company which partners through them to get invited to partake in doing surveys for e-Rewards.  You get far more dollars from e-Rewards surveys than anything else I have seen like Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks or any other I have tested.

But the rewards are only as good as the items you can cash them in for, and e-Rewards has frequent flier miles up the wazoo, but very few tangible rewards that interest me as a person.

Hopefully they will offer more valuable rewards too, I have been rejecting surveys lately only because there aren’t awards worth saving up for.

-Justin Germino

Swagbucks looks to be pretty interesting however and I know several people who already signed up and earned some Amazon gift cards as rewards.  It does take a lot of points to get a gift card though and you don’t own them fast without making purchases.  I do like however they have coupons where you can simply print out coupons for items you buy at the grocery store, not only do you get that .30 – $3.00 of the product you purchase but you also get an equal amount in Swagbucks as well.  This is probably one of the most valuable category of rewards.


-Justin Germino

Updated: January 20, 2012 — 1:31 pm