Why You Need a Dual X Pro

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I go fishing often enough that I see the value in owning a Swiss Army Knife tool, I am always needing a blade to cut fishing lines, can opener to open canned corn for bait or a phillips head screwdriver for a variety of purposes. I don’t currently own the Dual Pro X but after reading about its features and that it has a very reasonable price it is something that I will likely be putting on my next Father’s day list.

The Dual Pro X come with the following tools, and was modeled after the Victorinox Soldier Knife

  • One-Hand Locking Blade
  • One-Hand Serrated Locking Seat Belt Cutter
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Can Opener with
  • Small Screwdriver
  • Bottle Opener
  • Large Locking Screwdriver
  • Wire Stripper
  • Reamer
  • Key Ring

This is one pocket sized tool that you can put on your keychain and handle just about any basic need you could run across. Just the other day I was trying to open a box of paper with those heavy plastic straps tied tight and I had no box cutter, knife or anything. I had to serrate my way through the plastic strap with a key which took five minutes before I could get through it. If I had the Dual Pro X I would have had that thing cut in seconds.

Victorinox Swiss Army is also hosting a Share The Adventure contest on their Facebook fan page where you could enter to win a $25,000 ultimate adventure.

They offer creative and fun ways to enter the contest on a regular basis, offering new “Adventures” which get you entries every two weeks.

So if you are looking for a multipurpose tool to have around for when you go camping, fishing, hiking or any other outdoor adventure, you can’t go wrong with a Dual Pro X from Victorinox Swiss Army. Just remember not to have this thing on your keychain or in your pocket when going to an airport!

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