Dreams of Crossroads

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I had a deep dream the other night where I was standing at a cliff in some post apocalyptic version of the world with ruin and discourse behind me and a green pasture ahead. The problem was the cliff was too far away to jump to the grasslands and I had no hope of escaping the desolation without taking a chance and jumping. (Yes, I have very strange dreams in case you were wondering).

I don’t usually read into dreams but thought the dream itself was a good metaphor for taking risks and leaps to achieve rewards (it was almost a perfect metaphor for this actually). I thought how people who are afraid to start businesses, new adventures and explorations often will miss out on important and life changing experiences because they were afraid to take that first leap.

I myself am always conflicted with decisions, it is one of my weaknesses and a flaw in my character. I do believe this has to do with being a Libra, I am always evaluating both sides of every decision and weighing which one will provide the most positive outcome. This combined with my phobia of heights has caused me to pass up on a few adventures. We have a cruise coming up in August and my wife who is a die hard adventurer when it comes to excursions wants to do something with hang gliding or jumping off a cliff or something, and the thought just petrifies me. I told her I would go spelunking inside a partially submerged cave but I won’t do anything with heights.

Maybe I should face my fears and just leap.

-Justin Germino

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