Drawing Upon Inspiration

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I consider myself an artist of sorts, and literature or more specifically poetry is my art form.  I cannot paint, draw or sculpt very well but I can craft imagery with my poetry.  My poems though they might be considered freeform and not “professional” in a style sense they often invoke powerful imagery or emotions and are drawn from that.  My inspiration could come from anything from an event that happens in my life, to a word or conversation someone has with me.  Often my inspiration comes from news or media stories, or even my own brain just having a thought.

Since I started blogging and sharing my poetry with the world I have become more confident and inspired as a writer, I originally had all of my poetry stored in a dusty book on my dresser, where I was hoping it would get published someday.  But sharing it with the world has meant so much more than the few bucks I could have made selling them and only reaching a small handful of people, I regularly have people who play my random twitter poetry game and people look forward to what I will come up with next.

So everyone should have some inspiration or something artistic in their lives, give your mind a creative outlet of any type.  If you enjoy writing, then write whatever you want even if its just for fun or nonsense.  If you want to draw, then draw anything that makes you happy.  Let your creativity out and consider sharing some of it with the world it gives you a sense of satisfaction that you don’t get from it just sitting in your own posession unappreciated and untouched.

Just some of my opinions today.

-Justin Germino

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