Dog Excited for Christmas

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This will be the first Christmas with our new dog Donut whom is an elderly dog at 8 years old that we adopted about five or six months ago to avoid her being turned into the AZ Boston Terrier Rescue.

The dog is an avid fan of Christmas decorations and spends a lot of time under the Christmas tree but this became compounded when my wife had bought some holiday treats and left them in a package near the tree.  Donut was able to smell the treats through the wrapping and become so fixated on the treats that she refused to move away from the presents near the tree.

My wife even hung the dog treats up with the Xmas stockings and the dog just sat staring at the stockings for hours barking, whining and begging to get her holiday presents early.  Finally I had to put Donut out back and my wife hid the treats somewhere else in a pantry, but now Donut continues to wait near the tree and stare at the stockings knowing that a present exists and should be given to her immediately.


The other funny thing about Donut is she loves dog beds, and apparently cat beds.  We bought a cat bed from Petsmart figuring she would like it and she immediately loved it and curls her fat little body into it even though she barely can fit inside it.  Our slightly bigger Boston Terrier Porky however refuses to use any dog beds and always wants to sleep on the couch instead.


By far Donut is one of the quirkiest dogs we have ever owned and has so many unique personality traits for a dog. 

-Justin Germino

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