Does Inbox Dollars Work?

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I like many people were trying to find ways of making money on the side at home besides my full time day job. I didn’t want to take on a full second job where I would be spending even more time away from my kids, so I was looking for part time stuff that I can do from home online at night while the kids were asleep. Something that would allow me not to lose time with my family yet still bring in something on the side. Last year I was introduced to Inbox dollars by a blog site about making money online. I decided to sign up and try it, this site will pay you for reading (acknowledging) emails, completing surveys, signing up for free offers and sometimes for playing certain games.

Can you make money from it? The answer is yes but again this is something that will not make you rich quickly, you only get paid about 2 cents per Inbox dollar email you get sent, so this takes a long time to add up. You also get the most money by signing up for free stuff, and for doing surveys. The surveys can be 30 minutes long and pay you $1 – $3 dollars on average per survey, so realistically you average somewhere between $3 and $5 per hour of dedicated work on InboxDollars.

Now if you truly spend time doing all the things in the system you can make some money, they cut you a check by mail when you reach $30. I wish they used Paypal and made payments in $10 increments, I have between $15 and $20 in my inboxdollars account now, but I don’t do any surveys or sign up for any free things. I just do the email thing, so that is just from occasionally clicking on the follow through link of an email to get the credit.

I have seen some people claim they can make $50 – $100 per month leveraging inbox dollars, and I can see how this is possible. You have to be real good about signing up for free stuff, and remembering to cancel so your credit card doesn’t get charged later. Those kind of free trial things give you the big bonus amounts, and you can easily get $40 or $50 in one week by doing those type of sign ups. At the risk and inconvenience of filling out forms and having to cancel it later, or if you find legitimate stuff like if you were going to order a credit report anyway, why not get the extra $8 refunded via inbox dollars…etc

Being the fact that I make only about $1.20 per hour blogging, InboxDollars can equal or exceed that if you are looking to try and make a small increment of money from your own home. For me, I prefer blogging because I can share my opinion, my voice, build interaction with an audience. InboxDollars is a lot of effort for a little bit of money but you can do it from your own home and after hours and it may be useful for some people. If you are interested, click on the link at the top of this email to give them a try. They do give you $5 in your account just to start out, but remember you have to reach $30 to get this payout, so don’t think you can just sign up and get the $5. It takes some effort. Honestly some people make more from Inbox dollars than google Adsense easily, I earn about $1 per month just from clicking on email links. Which is about 60 seconds of effort a day at most.

If you are already using Inbox dollars, I want you to share your opinion of it, do you find it more or less useful than I described?

-Justin Germino

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