Do You Like Organic Coffee?

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I generally just buy Keurig K-cups for my coffee machine and drink what is available, there is a limited selection of organic coffee available but when it is I tend to drink it.  I do drink a lot of coffee however and average about 6 8oz cups of coffee per day and try to vary what types I drink so I don’t burn out on any specific flavor or brand.


I haven’t tried the organo gold healthy coffee yet, but it does look interesting.  The coffee is sold in sachets so it makes it easy to have single servings and drink it for one.

This coffee also has Ganoderma Lucidum which I had not read anything about so I did some research, Ganoderma Lucidum is Lingzhi fungus and is an herb and supplement that has antibacterial properties and studies have shown acts as an additional anti-oxidant that adds benefits to helping lower blood pressure, cholesterol and even may have some anti-tumor properties.

Read more about Lingzhi Mushroom here:

So this had me thinking, I hadn’t run into any coffee before that had Ganoderma Lucidum added for additional benefits, I had seen coffee with Ginseng and other herbs, but this was my first time running across a coffee with this spore.

So my question for my fellow coffee drinkers, is have you ever had Lingzhi Mushroom in your beverage before, what do you think of it?  What other herbal supplements do you have in your coffee typically to help boost its anti-oxidant levels?

-Justin Germino

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