Do I Have Mild Blogging Addiction?

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My wife wanted to go see Shinedown at the Marquee Theater in Tempe tonight and I volunteered to go along with her, believe me the thought of missing Heroes while it was airing live was tough to bear.  However I decided that I would DVR Heroes and watch it at midnight when I returned and this made me realize just how pathetic I am.  I actually was a little bummed about missing a show because I wanted to blog about it and get the 400+ boost in unique visits from my Heroes review on

I almost considered giving up on leaving the house to see a rock concert because I wanted to blog?  How low can I be getting with my blogging addiction?  I haven’t actually gotten out of the house to go to an event with just my wife and I in over a month, so it is time I get off my duff and “Just Do It”.

Don’t let blogging become so compulsive that you find yourself wanting to stay up late every night, or get annoyed when you have to leave your computer or leave the house because you aren’t able to spend that time writing, or testing SEO tactics.  It is far too easy to become addicted to blogging and become obsessive about it.

-Justin Germino

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