Disturbing Medium Episode on TV this Week

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My wife and I have been watching the show Medium ever since it was on NBC and followed the show since it moved to CBS. The show has actually been a little darker on CBS than it was on NBC but stayed intact very well and is just as enjoyable. The most recent episode had a very questionable moment where one of the characters on the show, a Detective named Lee has a brother who is a sex offender and was recently paroled only to be accused of assaulting a young woman.

In a parallel storyline on this episode a woman who was assaulted when she was younger became kind of a vigilante who hunts down and kills registered sex offenders. She gets into hot water when she kills an undercover cop who was posing as a registered sex offender who was trying to uncover and expose the detectives brother. Long story short the plots align and the detective knows that this vigilante is planning to kill his brother and lets it happen because he knows his brother is guilty (he practically admits to and admits he likes who he is and doesn’t want help).

The dark gray scale of the characters here and the whole episode just left me pondering how dark of a decision this character made on the show. What would one of us do in such a situation?

If someone you knew was a serial murder, rapist would you let them be killed if they can’t face judgement or trial due to to lack of evidence?

I can honestly tell you that I am not opposed to faster and harsher penalties for these types of offenders, but there has to be 100% positive proof that person is guilty and I would be okay with the harshest of sentences. But because in real life there is still false positives and people falsely accused (you read about it all the time in the news) one innocent death isn’t worth the price of rushing the system without proper procedure and trial.

-Justin Germino

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