Dinner at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills

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So last weekend my wife and I drove out to the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA to see John Pinette do his live standup show.  John Pinette rocked and is a funny individual but the dinner portion of the Canyon Club wasn’t very well thought out.

The problems started when you realize they cram 12 people side by side in tables meant for 10 people.  This is compounded when one fellow who was on the husky side complained about the tight squeeze and was so large he needed two chairs worth of room.  This caused him to pull a chair out which threw off the server who couldn’t “adjust” to the fact that the table needed 1 less person and more room between people.

The show required you to order dinner to get a table and decent seats, so I ordered the Thai BBQ Salmon and my wife ordered the Prime Rib. The food itself wasn’t so bad actually, but for a total price of over $110.00 with no alcohol ordered it was a very expensive price to pay for the service that would follow.

The first order of business was ordering beverages which included 2 hot tea’s, unfortunately they didn’t understand the word “hot” and two barely room temperature waters were brought out with tea bags in them that could never steep due to the lack of water temperature.  The fifteen minute delay to place the dinner order was no picnic either, top this off with the fact that some dining individuals waited over 1.5 hours to receive their entrée!  Yes, they actually ordered their meal at 6:15 and didn’t receive their meal until the show started at 8pm. 

Pretty much the whole table was upset and had some sort of service problems, it was compounded when my wife was about to reach for the salt and pepper only to have a waiter whisk it away to give it to another table.  Apparently, they only have 1 salt and pepper vials and they are shared between 80 people and 4 tables.

So despite the fact that the standup of John Pinette was excellent and the food was okay (no great, but not bad) I can’t say I recommend a meal at the Canyon Club prior to a show except that it is the only way you can get a table to see the show or else you are stuck with standing room only in the back.

-Justin Germino

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