Where My Diamonds Hide – Parody of Demons

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Lately my kids have been showing me a ton of Minecraft Parody videos of all the latest pop songs on the radio and they are so fun to watch, clever wordplay that once could only be found with Weird Al and others is now being done by everyone and for almost every niche.

So the Imagine Dragons song Demons, I actually heard the Where My Diamonds Hide parody before the song, and I swear now when I hear the original song I think of this Minecraft video where poor Steve is trying to keep his diamonds away from robbers by setting traps for them.  It is super clever and really shows the ingenuity of these CGI artists who combine a popular game with CGI with a song parody and it makes for some entertainment gold.

1.6 million views is nothing to laugh at, and I tell you I am hooked on watching these Minecraft CGI parodies, I like them all!

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Updated: November 2, 2013 — 3:50 pm