Dell Laptop Arrives from LeapFish Media

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Most of my fans and followers have seen my blog posts promoting and talking about the LeapFish 100K CashDash contest, in which LeapFish is giving away prizes to those who heavily promoted the contest and had the most people sign up.  They also planned on giving away cash at random intervals when the contest met is “homepage bookmark” goals.   I had managed to get an early lead on the contest and was able to win the Nintendo Wii and the Dell 15″ Laptop prizes.  I didn’t receive the Wii yet, but the Dell Laptop is now the biggest prize I have ever won in my life.

Dell Inspiron 1545 that was given to prize winners included dual core Intel 2.2 ghz processors, 3gb of RAM, 250GB HardDrive, built in Wi-Fi and DVD Burner, plus it came preloaded with Windows 7 64bit Home edition.  This is not a bad prize to win at all and the laptop itself has more powerful processors than my home PC which has aging AMD Athlon dual core chips, but my home PC has 2 internal drives totaling 1.25 Terabytes of disk space, 4gb of RAM and a dedicated 512mb Video Card (Though it is a GeForce 72xx series which is getting old by today’s standards).

LeapFish even through in a T-Shirt which was just my style and I will probably wear from time to time, and the laptop came in Ice Blue which is my favorite color for the Dell Laptops:

So I made the decision to trade up my son’s PC and give him the new laptop as his desktop replacement, he can now play the latest RTS and MMORPG games he has been wanting to play like Runes of Magic and some others.  My son who is going to be seven in October really enjoys RTS games like Starcraft, Warlords III and lately has been playing Age of Empires 2.  At his age I was busy playing more primitive console games on Super Nintendo or Commodore 64 at the time (though they had some pretty wicked RPG games back then like Ultima, but Real Time Strategy as a decade away from being invented).

I am pretty happy overall with the fact that I won such a great prize from LeapFish and extremely glad I entered the contest, even if I annoyed some of my fans with my requests for signing up and voting.

There is only one prize left to be won and that is a 42″ LCD Television, but I would have to have 250 people sign up under me in the next week or so to be eligible to win this prize, all of the 3 iPad’s were won by other contestants (I really wish I could have won one of those).  Joe from managed to win a Dell Laptop and an iPad (he may have won a MacBook Pro too).

By the way, when my Nintendo Wii comes I plan on giving it away as a prize on to one lucky reader and/or mailing list subscriber.

-Justin Germino

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