Culvers Restaurant in Casa Grande AZ

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So I had no idea what Culver’s was when I first drove past the sign a few months ago but after stopping and eating there several times in the past month I can say that I am both glad and unhappy they finally opened a Culver’s in Casa Grande, Arizona.

First, I am unhappy because the food is really good and is not healthy.  The delicious butter burgers, fries and frozen custard are sure to hurt any weight loss plans anybody would have around here.

However, I am happy for the additional choice in dinner fare.  The closest food I can compare Culver’s to is In and Out Burger except they offer a much wider variety of food on the menu.  They are famous for their butter burgers which the patties are fairly flat and delicious on a bun that isn’t as greasy as the In and Out buns.  Their value basket comes with fries and a drink and they have Diet Mountain Dew on fountain which is always a plus for me.

The kids enjoy their chicken tenders and fries, but the free frozen custard for desert that comes in the kids meals is what they really enjoy.  Each kids meal comes with a coupon for a frozen custard and a token for a collectible which they can get for free if they save up 10 tokens.

For the price the food is better than most of the fast food restaurants one would normally eat burgers at, and I would probably put them at being just under Chili’s as far as the taste and flavor of the burgers.  I did an article a long time ago about my favorite hamburgers which isn’t updated for Culver’s yet but still holds true for most of them.

Has anyone eaten at Culver’s?  What do you think of the food?

-Justin Germino

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