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My wife runs  music production company called Rock Along Productions, and she often has to have booking agreements drafted and signed with bands to play at venues and clubs.  In looking for a way to make this more efficient she found a website which allows you to send out agreements and contracts and collects digital signatures.  The best thing is this site does it all for free.

The site is called Signature Confirm and after testing it, it not only records the persons name and their confirmation, but records the exact date, time and IP address the person digitally signed the document from.

In addition the program emails all parties in the agreement with a password to view and print the signed agreement, keeping the online contract confidential.

I thought of all the benefits this could have for working with people online when you want to collaborate on something, and clearly spell out responsibilities and duties for each party.  This is just one more tool to help keep things professional and legitimate.

The signature looks like this:

Confirmation Details

Signed by: Justin Germino
Signed on: 2010-04-18 18:11:05 CST
Statement: I agree to these terms and conditions
Signed from IP: is © Danifer Web Services

If you have a need to collaborate and keep people bound to a contract, is a site worth checking out.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post in any way, just sharing some information on a site that my wife found and looks to be very beneficial to her.

-Justin Germino

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