Concerns over Starcraft II

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Thanks to a friend who forwarded me a website talking about the latest information from Blizzard and the SC community about Battle.Net 2 which is the online hosting service that people will game on with SC2, I am concerned about where the game is heading. I myself enjoyed playing multiple on the LAN with Starcraft 1 with my son in my own household, the fact that I may have to purchase 2 copies of the same game just to play on 2 computers in my own house is disturbing. The fact that you can only create maps and upload them to Battle.Net where they become property of Blizzard and you cannot create more than 5 custom maps is also not promoting growth within the community and extremely restrictive.

The fact that you cannot game with people in other regions (like USA people not being able to game on Battle Net 2 with people in Asia or U.K. potentially is very restrictive). The list goes on about the restrictions in place under the “Guise” to control piracy. One of the best features of the original Starcraft was the open source like freedom of the map editor and being able to create custom content is what kept the game as popular as it was for so many years despite being over 15 years old of a game.

I really hope Blizzard addresses these issue, though I am primarily purchasing Starcraft 2 just to play the single player campaign, I don’t do a lot of multiplayer gaming online anymore, one of the reasons why I liked WarHammer 40k so much is that it had a fantastic and entertaining single player campaign.

I just really hope all this mess sorts out when Starcraft 2 releases in July. (Probably won’t stop me from buying the game however, though may restrict my desire to play multiplayer).

-Justin Germino

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