Compiling Holiday Movies

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It happens every year, one of our traditions is to compile home movies from all the previous Christmas mornings and Xmas Eve nights so that the kids can watch and see how they reacted to the presents in previous years.  I started the home recordings back in 2006 when Oliver was born and the kids get a kick out of seeing themselves as baby’s and toddlers asking for some odd items and going banana’s over unwrapping gifts.

I can’t believe my oldest is 10 this year and I remember when they were just wee lads barely able to walk and crawl toward everything.  I miss the simplicity of things back then and when reflecting I see just how fast time really flies.


We watch the videos on Christmas Eve, I love the fact that I can just put the movies on a USB flash drive and plug the USB into my Samsung TV and then watch them right from the TV.  Easy and convenient as heck, more convenient than having to upload to a cloud and stream to TV via another service anyway.

Xmas tradition has always been to let the kids open 1 present on Xmas Eve to help with the anxiety that comes with waiting, and they usually have a blast picking out 1 present.  This year will be no exception and I know they will have another great Xmas.

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