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If the idea of pinning information you find online to a clipboard sounds familiar to you, it should.  This method of tracking information online and categorizing it is becoming the next replacement for browser bookmark services because if it’s feature rich functionality and social media integration capabilities.

clipix is an incredible tool that allows you to categorize, store and keep track of the information you want online and share it to only those you want to share it with.  Clipix lets you clip any webpage and turn it into a clip in one of your organized clipboards.

In my above example you can see that I have several clipboards created and named appropriately.  By default Clipix will have some clipboards created for you when you create an account, but you can rename these and create new ones on the fly to fit your clipping needs.

Clipix offers a bookmarklet you just drag and drop to your browser favorites or bookmark bar, then when you visit a page you want to keep and organize you simply click the Clip button and you are presented with options on how you want to organize that website.

You can create new Clipboards on the fly as I have mentioned, you can also choose only to allow friends to see your clips or make them completely private.  You can also share your clipped items on Facebook with a single click.

Add a Clip Button

Bloggers!  Clipix offers a javascript button you can include on your site and encourage readers to clip your webpage or homepage.  Early statistics seem to indicate that users who clip pages are more likely to return.

This code is simple to get and you can easily install it into a WordPress plugin like Sharebar or Digg Digg with ease.

Clipix also has Syncboards which are like clipboards except you share these with friends and family.  When somebody clips information to the syncboard it instantly updates in real time for all parties sharing the syncboard.  This is a great way to share family photos.

In addition to Clipboards and Syncboards Clipix also allows Multiboards which are groupings of clipboards so you can keep your clipboards organized even further.  Keeping track of family vacations, gifts, wish lists and so much more is easy leveraging multiboards.

Clipix also has an iOS application that lets you take your clips with you on the go wherever you are, you can still access Clipix from any mobile browser as well.

Watch this video on Clipix to see more:

-Justin Germino

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