Classic Game of Risk

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My son loves strategy games and at six years old I thought introducing him to one of my favorite board games from my own childhood would be a good idea.  With that I purchased the Risk board game (classic edition) which comes with wood carved units and an old style map.  I was hoping to find the board game version with the Roman numeral units that I had as a kid, but couldn’t find that particular style at Target, Walmart, Kmart or GameDaze so I settled on the recreation of the 1950’s style Risk game.

My wife joined my son and I as we started dividing territories and placing units over the map.  It was my wife’s first time playing and in almost no time at all she captured all of South America, my son meanwhile was spreading his armies rapidly and at first had more territories than either of us.  Pretty soon, I managed to acquire Australia but by this time my wife had swooped in and taken Africa.  My wife continued to dominate until she wiped out my armies in Europe and my wife was gaining 18-21 army units per turn to my son’s four and my five.

Needless to say that my wife’s first time playing the game she completely dominated and wiped out both my son and I as we frantically attempted to hold back her blue armies.

It was fun, though it takes quite a bit of time to play (nearly 2 hours for one game) and my three year old was just about bored to tears watching us play.

Pretty soon, I will be introducing my son to Stratego, a game where my wife stopped playing with me a long time ago.

-Justin Germino

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