Child Events at School

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Tonight is my son’s first Choir performance after being in choir for several months and it is important that I be there and see him.  I always think that as a parent it is important for you to be there to support your children through all of their hobbies, goals and achievements.  Nothing would disappoint my son more than if I were the type of father who never showed up at his recitals, poem reads or other activities and I know he would be emotionally sad.

The other reason is that time with children is finite, they grow up and each thing you miss is something that you won’t get to relive or make up for when they have grown up and become adults.  Work is extremely important and we all must do our job to the best of our ability, but it is imperative that if we chose the responsibility to start a family that we carve out enough time for our children to make sure we are involved in their lives and show that we care about them and that we are there for them.

Few things matter as much to me as making sure my kids know that I will always be there for them, always be there to cheer them on, stand by them and I am forever proud of them no matter what.

-Justin Germino

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