Celebrating my 13th Valentines Day with My Wife

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It doesn’t seem like it has been thirteen years since I first took my wife out on Valentines day. I took her to a seafood restaurant called Steamers in Phoenix and I remember back then when we were both so young and had only been together for about eight months the feeling we felt about each other. I had already proposed to her, since I knew she would be the one I would spend the rest of my life with. We had met in 1996 and I proposed in December that same year. On July 4th 2009 we were married and each year I enjoy the little “celebrations” and Valentines Day is no exception.

As a parent of two kids one thing I can tell you for certain is that celebrations and alone time is much more valuable with your partner now that it is so much harder to get. You treasure the alone time much more, as now you are almost constantly battered by the everyday demands that come with having children. So my wife and I will have some alone time together and we actually haven’t been alone on a trip since our cruise in June of 2009, so has been about 3/4 of a year.

Here’s to celebrating my 13th Valentines Day with my wife, and I know she will always be my Valentine.

-Justin Germino

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