Caught Us Some Lizards

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My boys and I take walks almost every morning before the weather gets hot and we often spend those walks looking for bugs, butterfliest, spiders, toads or lizards we can catch and learn about and keep for a short period of time. Yesterday morning we were lucky enough to catch two very small lizards and take them home and put them in a small bug aquarium.

We caught a baby grasshopper small enough for the lizards to eat, in addition to a few beetles, but not sure if the lizards will eat them. With all the lizards crawling around here in Casa Grande, it is amazing how difficult they are to catch. They are very fast and there are hundreds of little holes in the ground all over the place so they can get into a shelter within seconds of spotting you.

When the rains come we often find dozens of baby toads and sometimes larger ones, last year the boys kept three toads as pets. Mostly we will let the critters go after a few days, if the toads or lizards are big enough to eat normal size crickets, then we will purchase crickets at the pet store and keep them as pets for a while.

This is just one of the many activities I enjoy doing with my two sons, and they both enjoy the walks, searching for critters and looking at them after we catch them. It encourages their creativity, teaches them about animals and insects, and gets some exercise all wrapped up in one fun walk.

-Justin Germino

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