Caught a Giant Spider

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I take my two kids for walks almost every morning when the weather is still nice, and they enjoy looking for bugs, lizards, toads and other critters which dwell in the common area’s of our community, in the last three days we have found a lizard, three spiders, four beetles and some crickets. When we catch the critters, we mostly put them in the bug tank we have and we let them go after a period of a few days. Lizards we always return to the wild, sometimes bugs we keep longer. The kids love to explore and find new creatures and seeing my two year old yell “bug” while holding a butterfly net is priceless.

Here is some pics of the latest catches, btw, this spider was the biggest one I have caught so far to date.
-Justin Germino

Updated: July 16, 2009 — 8:23 am