Catching Up on Product Reviews and Thoughts on Wireless Disks

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I still have a slew of products to review that I came back to after returning from my Anniversary Vacation last week, fortunately I managed to get four done last week but have about 6 remaining.  Some involved creating YouTube videos to help spur interest and showcase the products and as always testing and playing with new gadgets is one of my favorite hobbies and perks of being a technology blogger.

The trend in mobile Wi-Fi disk drives is astonishing as mobile devices themselves stay relatively flat with 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of storage space, these wireless storage drives allow the flexibility of putting all of your video and photo media on an SDCard or USB drive and then plug it into the wi-fi hub so that your mobile device can stream the content and they even support multiple device streaming.

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In particular I have reviewed two and both are excellent choices, the Kingston MobileLite and the RAVPower Filehub.  The RAVPower Filehub is a little larger but also doubles as Wi-Fi hub which means your mobile device can connect to it and stream media as well as still connect to the Internet at the same time provided you configured the Filehub to connect to your wi-fi network first.

The beauty is that the iPad or Android device when it connects to the RAVPower FileHub can then go into settings and configure the Wi-Fi drive to connect to whatever network it can find.  This was a brilliant app and inclusion and makes this the more recommended device over the two in my opinion.

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My one con for both of these devices is that many companies seem to still be ignoring the Android Amazon App store, as they are not releasing Kindle Fire versions of the app.  With over 4 million Kindle Fire tablets, this to me is just losing customers and preventing them from being sold to owners of these tablets and it can’t be much more additional cost to port the Google Play app and make it available on the Amazon Android App store, so I am not sure why all of the companies seem to have that delay in doing it?

So far in the upcoming weeks I have Car USB Charger devices, a new Gaming Headset, a WordPress plugin and more to review.  Need to just find the time to start working on the reviews.

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