Catching Cold for Thanksgiving

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Never fails that I catch a cold around the holidays and came down with an annoying one last night.  Nothing like coming back from a business meeting only to get sick on your weekend.  Fortunately my wife and I were able to make headway this weekend on the Holiday decorations and we wound up going into the attic and unloading years worth of stored baby clothes which we donated to the Salvation Army.

The Decorations are all stuffed in about 20+ crates in the Garage and they were all taken out.  I was able to completely re-organize my workbench which needed it for a year.


In the end, we wound up stuffing my Mother in Law’s truck to the gills with donation stuff for the Salvation Army and even had the entire back of the truck cab filled up with clothing bags.



We always look forward to doing the Christmas Angels program as well during the holidays to help donate some toys to kids less fortunate.  We have my sons pick out a kid close to their own age and pick out the present to buy and donate to them.

-Justin Germino

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