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I was reading in the Casa Grande local newspaper earlier this week that someone voluntarily turned over nearly 60 Basset Hounds to the Humane Society and many of them were treated and ready to be adopted to loving and caring families.  Several will be going to the PetSmart locally in Casa Grande, while others will be available at the local shelters for adoption.  Apparently the person had so many dogs they were all being underfed, malnourished, and barely kept for and police had to be called to collect the animals.

I am always aggravated on how people can be so insensitive and cruel, who in their right mind would try and keep that many animals on a single small property.  It is without logical reason and at best the people were negligent if not downright abusive.  Meanwhile, I hope the hounds can find good and loving homes, I personally love the look of Basset hounds, they have such long floppy ears and sad faces.  I had always wanted one but read they are not the best dogs to have around little children but make excellent dogs for families with older kids or no children.


I have read many more sites claiming that Basset Hounds are patient, gentle and great with children, that the individual nature of the animal and how tolerant it can be to little kids trying to ride it or tug its ears is more to do with the dog, not the breed.  As with all family dogs, teaching kids to be gentle around pets is key, but I have read enough to note that the Basset Hound is generally very low key and good with children.

-Justin Germino

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