CA World Las Vegas Day 5

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This day wasn’t nearly as much to report as my anxiety and stress about my upcoming presentation have driven me to being sick to my stomach the whole day.  I fight back waves of vomiting while attending conference sessions, and I actually had to break to my hotel room to finally throw up several times due to my stress and anxiety finally overwhelming my poor aching stomach.

I now feel very tired and lethargic and can’t keep much down, the odd thing is I don’t feel worried on a conscious level, to me I am trying to treat it like any other conference call except in a room with people.  I know what to say I know what to talk about, I shouldn’t be stressed, yet my body begs to differ and I cannot escape this agony and pit of pain swelling within my stomach.

I will be sure to let everyone know how the presentation goes later today and I will give everyone an update.  I am estimating the turnout to be about 40-50 at the presentation today at 11am.  Wish me luck my friends, I am going to need it.

-Justin Germino

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