Busy Moving Again

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This weekend was spent putting new furniture together (gotta love Ikea furniture) and prepping for the movers transporting all of our stuff from the old house to the new house tomorrow.

I will be moving my own office, dismantling my desk and putting it back together, so that I have a fully functional office again by Monday latest so I can get back to work on Tuesday.  I did have to take a day off of work since we had to reschedule the movers from Saturday to Monday due to renovations at the place falling a bit behind schedule.

Overall though the hectic craziness that has been going on as a result of being between homes over the past months should wind down rapidly and I expect by the 3rd week of October things to calm down quite a bit.  Like most moves it will probably takes weeks to unpack and be fully "moved in".  I think of the scene in The Incredibles where Helen Parr says "We are finally moved in" after two years when the final box is unpacked.

All my blogs have posts queued for them and should continue as normal for a few days and I will be leveraging mobile access for a few days to keep tabs on everything until the home wi-fi network is setup.

-Justin Germino

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