Bought a Roku 2 XS Finally

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So I don’t know if my readers remembered or not, but we cut back on Dish Network to only minimal channels and receiver only in the main living room to save money.  We then installed Roku XDS boxes in the other rooms so that our kids can watch Netflix, Hulu+, Amazon Prime free video’s and save the money from paying for extra receiver feeds.  It has worked out stupendously, we even use a Roku XDS in our property in CA where I have no live TV at all and no cable or satellite bill (only Broadband).

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Well the kids had been making do with just a DVD player in their bedroom, so I decided to pick up a Roku 2 XS since I had some Amazon credit and wanted more options for shows so they could watch Nature, Discovery shows and such while they were in bed time mode.

The Roku 2 XS is the first Roku 2 model I bought and the main reason I chose the Roku 2 XS is the fact that it supports USB as the other models don’t, and I have tons of TV shows on DVD that were bought and I can rip to USB video files to play on the Roku 2 XS.

It also has the motion controller and comes with Angry Birds which the kids were excited about as having that as an extra option.  The Roku XS had some reports of sluggishness, out of memory issues but I didn’t experience any of those things setting it up in my kids bedroom (this is the 3rd Roku now in this house, the 4th one I have bought in the past 2 years).


I have been very happy with the Roku company and it’s devices over the years, I am just wishing that more channels with live News (CNN local) would be available, and actually I have more beef with Netflix not adding new content frequently enough than with anything else.

-Justin Germino

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