Boston Terriers Missing In Arizona

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My wife was looking around at Boston Terrier ads on Craigslist the other day, this is how we found someone who was selling a Boston Terrier and purchased Porky our Black and White puppy, when she noticed several people posting ads claiming their Boston Terrier’s were dognapped.

Not only that but we did some research and learned that Arizona has a shortage of Boston Terriers which are in high demand, this combined with the fact that two dognappings in Mesa in the last several weeks mean that people need to be careful whenever they own a purebreed dog, especially one that is small in size.

People will steal anything to try and make a profit, even a family pet. Let’s face it, Boston Terrier dogs are family friendly and loving dogs, but they will go up to anyone and go with them. A thief could simply open the gate and call them and they would happily come and jump in their car, they just aren’t built to be protectors but family friends.

Be careful with your dogs people, make sure that you keep them indoors if possible, you don’t want your beloved family member to be dognapped next. This is doubly true if you own a Boston Terrier in Arizona it would seem.

-Justin Germino

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