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I want to highlight that one of my favorite blogging networks BlogEngage has now offered out 100% AdSense revenue sharing to bloggers who are active members of the community and meet certain criteria.  How many article submission sites exist that actually share the AdSense earnings of your submitted articles with you as it is?

BlogEngage had previously a 50% AdSense share rate, but they are bumping up to 100% for bloggers who want to go the extra step and help them promote.

Read the article How to Earn 100% AdSense Revenue on BlogEngage to determine how to configure your account to setup AdSense earnings on your submitted articles as well as how to earn your way to 100% earnings.


Every blogger who writes decent articles should be submitting them to BlogEngage, we are talking about a rapidly growing article submission site that also offers networking and the ability to guest blog.  You can find and meet some of the best up and coming bloggers in a variety of niches in the BlogEngage community.  Many of these I have been following for the past six months or longer.

BlogEngage already has an Alexa rank of just over 11k and who doesn’t want their article to be indexed on a site with that good of an Alexa rating.  This site is relatively new and within a year will probably garner 2x as much traffic as it gets now.

Using BlogEngage is simple, just sign up and register for the blogger network.  This is no simple sign up and spam articles to it submission site, you need to join the community.  Proudly display your blogengage badge or actively participate as guest blogger and request an invitation from the forums.  If the quality of your blog and content are approved then you will be sent a registration invitation.  

This careful selection and screening keeps the BlogEngage Community tight and everyone gets to know each other’s work pretty quickly.  You establish yourself by voting and commenting on other bloggers articles and don’t just expect to submit content and not be involved or you will be kicked out of the system.

I love to check out the "Upcoming Blogs" most often and I really like that when you submit an article it sends you to the upcoming posts where you can find the latest blog posts and vote them up.  Articles only get "published" when they reach 10 votes.

BlogEngage is one of my favorite online article submission sites that also servers as a blogging community.  Now go out and network with other great bloggers.

-Justin Germino

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