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There is nothing like being able to capitalize on popular or trending topics on the Internet for surges in traffic to your website or blog.  An example of this is my latest inclusion of articles about the Starcraft II videogame on this personal blog of mine. 

My blog was getting an average of 3,000 visits in the past thirty days which is only about 1/7th as much as my flagship blog but the moment Starcraft II released and I was among the first to publish my review and some follow up posts my traffic surged.


We are talking about an 87% increase in traffic over the past thirty days as a result of my recent Starcraft II activity.  My personal blog received over 6500+ unique visits which is the highest amount of traffic in one month it has received in history.

Unfortunately as my blog is a personal blog once users read the Starcraft posts they are likely not to become regular visitors as my blog isn’t a gaming niche blog, and my wide varying topics make the blog only suited for people who want to follow my rants, ravings and whatever I talk about.  It is however good to get some traffic from getting in on something popular once in a while and I had done a post about Starcraft II back in September 2009 and that post received over 1500 pageviews in 30 days now in July 2010.

Bottom Line:

Blogging about current or breaking events and trending topics can bring you surges in traffic, but unless your blog is in the right niche for the topic this traffic surge will fizzle as your other content is unrelated and not likely to turn a reader into a subscriber unless they were so impressed by your writing and personality they want to follow you no matter what you write.

-Justin Germino

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