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I can’t believe when I read how Hesham Zebida’s 2 blogs including which is a pretty popular one were stolen by a hacker who then tried to resell the blogs back to him.

If you are a blogger, you NEED to read his story on how his GoDaddy account was hacked, and his domains transferred out of his account without him even realizing it until it was too late, now he suffered site outages and had to have numerous cases open with GoDaddy to resolve the problem, this is a crime and will likely involve a criminal case as well.

Read his article here:

It is imperative that bloggers use extremely secure passwords for their hosting provider accounts and take extra care with installing any applications on their PC’s.  I don’t know how his account was compromised, but if any hosting provider has level 2 (One Time Password) authentication it should also be enabled and requested.

Secure passwords 10+ characters long including Uppercase, Lowercase, Special characters and numbers help slow down attacks, but if there is a Trojan installed on your computer or a keystroke logger that records as you type then you are going to be compromised no matter what.

Having at least 2 antivirus anti-spyware programs to cover your bases is recommended, as in my opinion 1 alone is not enough anymore.

Meanwhile, head on over and wish Hesham a speedy recovery for his domain names.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: July 26, 2012 — 3:35 pm