Make Sure You Monitor Your Websites

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Don’t underestimate the need for keeping track and monitoring your web server performance because when readers can’t visit your site or their experience is negatively impacted because your site is performing poorly or not loading in a timely fashion this could mean you lose readership which could be potential customers and revenue.  Having a blog that takes 2 minutes to load a post or homepage is almost as bad as having the website being down altogether.

Sure it is great to have a monitor that just keeps track of when your site is up and notifies you when it is not responding, but if you run a site that gets a lot of traffic or does a lot of conversions and sales then you will need something more flexible like a Web Application Monitoring that can handle detecting slow page load times, slow loading elements, provide real time alerts and good diagnostic information when errors are encountered.


In looking at Dot Com Monitor I like that they have packages that can include all of these and you get a free trial to sample the services before you know if you want to commit.  They support almost every type of alert possible including: Phone, Pager, Email, SMS and more to make sure you are alerted to the moment there is a problem found with your website.

Their BrowserView Monitoring looked most interesting to me as it performs testing and monitoring of your website with Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox browsers for page-element load time reports and alarming.  This can help tell you when your website may be buckling under peak load times and with trend analysis you can see if you have problems during specific times of the day.

You also get response time reports from various locations around the globe to see how your website is loading not just from your location but from many locations to give you a broader picture.


Bottom line is you should have some sort of monitoring on your website if you do any sort of service or business on it and be notified right away to minimize your potential revenue losses as well as minimizing negative reader or customer experience.

-Justin Germino

Updated: June 27, 2012 — 10:27 pm