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I have been looking forward to the $1,000 Guest Blogging Contest all year as Blog Engage had done this massive guest blogging contest last year as well.  This contest is a great way for bloggers and writers to try and make some money as well as learning and putting their marketing and promotional skills to the test.

I have two articles I submitted in previous guest blogging contests on Blog Engage, I won 2nd and 3rd place entries but have never won a 1st place entry in 2012.  I am hoping I can promote and get one of these articles to take the top spot and win the full $1,000 USD cash prize for hosting the most successful guest article on Blog Engage for 2012.

It isn’t too late for new contestants to come in and submit new articles, it is possible for a new guest blogger or article to come in and steal the show if you have what it takes.  I won’t lie though, there is an advantage to some of the earliest articles submitted in guest blogging contests held previously especially the previous 1st place winners have a head start toward the $1,000 cash prize which I covet.

If I win the prize, I am going to put 1/2 of it toward another Laptop Giveaway on in 2013 so if you help me win I will be giving back to my fans and readers!

My two articles are:

This article talks about bloggers who may be tired, suffer burnout or get random offers from people who may have serious interest in buying their blog.  Whether you want to list your site on Flippa or have no intention of selling your site, most at some point have considered it or maybe got luck enough to see an offer that made you pause and consider a selling point.

Visit the article, read it, share it and let me know what you think!

This article asks if at some point spam management and comment management becomes too cumbersome should you just shut the conversation off for readers like Nick Denton suggested previously.  Share your thoughts on how you handle comment moderation, rules, expectations and if you keep the conversations alive.

Again, visit, read and let me know what you think!


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