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In an effort to improve my blog performance and stability, my hosting provider Dreamhost has converted this blog to using the mod_php in Apache, instead of using the PHP as a CGI with FastCGI, this should make my blog much more efficient, load faster and have less outages.  The reason why many hosting companies use PHP as a CGI is because then the PHP process can be owned by the “user” instead of the apache process, which means it can be tracked to each individual customer account, instead of one customer possibly overloading the PHP module and breaking apache for everyone sharing the same server.

Since I did purchase VPS (Virtual Private Server), I don’t share my hosting with another user and have dedicated resources, so this means I am able to run my apache with php build in as the module instead of as a CGI extension.  Already my page load times are 40% better, and my free RAM on the server went from 31mb to over 140MB just by converting to mod_php.  Hopefully this means my days of outages when I reach 20 concurrant users are over.

-Justin Germino

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Updated: September 13, 2009 — 5:27 pm