Bedtime A Much Longer Routine

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Now that my six year old and three year old are sharing the same room and sleeping in a bunk bed it takes much longer to get the kids to go to sleep. When our youngest was still in a crib and the oldest sleeping in his own separate room they didn’t have the ability tease, joke or annoy each other while they were tucked in their separate sleeping area’s and bid goodnight. Now they share the same room and will spend the whole first hour talking, whispering, joking and annoying each other. This means my boys who previously were sound asleep by 7:30pm are now up until almost 8:30pm or 9pm and really it is the toddler who keeps the older brother awake.

monstersMy three year old has suddenly developed fears of monsters, noises since transitioning to sleeping in his brothers bed last week and we know he is a little anxious and scared to be going through this major life change for him. Hopefully as it becomes more routine and he gets completely used to the fact that now he sleeps in a big boy bed, he will settle down and have an easier time of falling asleep without the fear that monsters are lurking behind closet doors.

What amazes me most about being a parent is how completely different two children can be when they come from the same two parents. They have an array of unique traits and though they play some of the same games together, because they are three years apart and the youngest is still not able to play some of the same things as the six year old, they still manage to find some common ground.

-Justin Germino

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