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It was funny while I was in Rome and managed to call my son the other week, I was asking him about how his week was without us being there and wondering what they have been doing. I had purchased a new TV with Roku XDS for my son’s bedroom so he was watching Netflix movies before bed and I asked if he found and watched any good shows.

[easyazon-image-link asin=”B002XDE9JK” alt=”Mr. Bean’s Most Memorable Moments” src=”” align=”left” width=”250″]He asked me if I ever heard of something called Mr. Bean and talked about how funny the show was. I couldn’t help but laugh, I remember watching Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean in movies and shows for quite a while on HBO and cable for over a decade before my kids were born. I didn’t even know there was an animated series for Mr. Bean or Mr. Bean cartoons as my son calls them.

One thing I do wish is that Netflix allows sub-accounts with parental controls when using the device. I have 7 devices in my house now that use Netflix including a PC, 2 iPad’s, Wii, Xbox and 2 Roku XDS devices. My kids use the Netflix about 3 of the devices and I wish I could restrict their devices and accounts so they could only see movies rated PG-13 or less. I don’t like that anyone can order anything and the only way to restrict the account is to modify the master or only account. I don’t think you should have to pay for separate accounts, and since each device registers on Netflix separately I would think there is a way to just restrict content based on device or at least create sub logins that have parental controls enabled.

I opened some enhancement requests to Netflix on this issue a few months ago but don’t really have a way to track or see te progress of it. To my knowledge though I have more Netflix enabled devices now in my home than anyone else I know that uses Netflix.

-Justin Germino

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