Balancing Work Life And Home Life

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My friends I have read numerous posts lately about bloggers having to shut down their blogs due to their blog work interfering with their home life or work life.  Seriously people get so addicted to blogging that they spend hours at night blogging instead of spending time with the family.  I find myself in a similar situation where my blogging time is shrinking due to my work load at my day job getting much larger, and my home life needing more of my attention.  As a result I find that I have to cut my blogging time a little bit.

I am still doing the best I can to manage and update my blogs with 1 new post per day where I can, but I no longer have the 2 hours per day to devote to Entrecard drops that I did previously.  I have decided to reduce my EC dropping because keeping up with my blog posting and content is more important than dropping.  Though I will see a hit to my blogs visits per day, I am sure updating your blog more frequently is more important than the extra 30-50 visits per day.

As a word of advice, never prioritize work over your family if you can avoid it.  Family is always more important, your partner who is at your side and needs equal commitment from you.  Your kids who only are this age once and you will kick yourself if you don’t spend every minute you can with them, because they will grow up and those opportunities will not come back.  Think “Cat and the Cradle” my friends, don’t miss out on your family’s lives just because you trap yourself on your computer all day long.

Balance is key, find a nice work/home balance.  If blogging is your hobby carve out 1 hour per night to do it when the kids are in bed, and make sure your partner has time with you first or you both do something close together.  If you can’t get what you need done in an hour, then put it off or re-prioritize.

-Justin Germino

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