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I already know my evening plans today, I will be done working by around four in the afternoon and my family will be going to dinner (somewhere) and after dinner I will be stopping by Walmart and using my $50 gift card I have been holding for a while to purchase Avatar to watch tonight. I saw the movie only once when it came out in theaters and have been itching to see it again ever since. It easily became one of my top three films of all time and deserved to become the highest grossing movie of all time in my opinion.

Avatar has grossed over 2.7 Billion dollars world wide at the box office according to BoxOfficeMojo.com and the DVD sales are just about to begin, it is conceivable this will film will earn over 3 billion dollars between box office and DVD sales which is truly astounding for a film.

I am also looking forward to seeing James Cameron speak at CA World 2010 in May as a special guest, it will be interesting to see what he has to say to the audience of mostly information technology members.


Just found out Avatar doesn’t come out until Thursday to be timed with Earth Day, so looks like I won’t be getting it today after all.

-Justin Germino

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