Attack of the Weeds

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Casa Grande has been hit by rainstorm after rainstorm these past few months and this has led to so many weeds growing up through my landscaping rock that I cannot keep on top of them by pulling them alone.

I decided to purchase weed killer concentrate and mixer that attaches to your hose so that I can poison large swaths of landscaping area and hope that I can succeed at killing the weeds while they are small and still hand sized. However it is due to rain again and I have to wait until a clear few days so the rain doesn’t dilute the poison and make my efforts wasted.

Here in the desert if left unmanaged weeds can quickly grow to 3 or 4 feet tall and the tumbleweeds are the worst. Thorny when green and growing they become even more so when the wind tears them from the ground and they dry out rolling down the streets and collecting against common area walls. I have see tumbleweeds that were 6 feet I diameter, one smashed into our car while driving at 40mph once and a spray of thorns and twig shrapnel got embedded in every crevice of the car.

Wish me luck in my battle against the ever expanding weed army.

By the way, I found a really handy Guide to Arizona Weeds, has descriptions and illustrations of all weed types.

-Justin Germino

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