Are Men In Corporate America Required To Play Golf?

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I am an IT Geek, but am also in the beginning stages of IT Management. When I associate with my fellow managers, and executives from other companies I am finding that I am “left out” more than I thought. Golf apparently isn’t just a recreational hobby, but its true when they joke about how all men play golf and business contacts are made on the golf course.

I feel like I have to learn how to play golf at least well enough just to network and socialize with my upper management peer’s and this is probably a skill I need to pick up on in the future. I don’t know the first thing about golf equipment and I mean that. The only golf I know is from Wii Golf and from what my coworker tells me about his golfing and stuff. I know a driver, wedge, putter…etc but those terms don’t mean much and I only loosely know when to use which instrument. I know hole in one, birdie, par, # over par…etc and what they mean and how the scoring is done and the course having holes that are a par #, and you have to try and equal or do better than that.

But I have never actually played a single game of golf, only miniature golf. I have never swung a driver, hit a ball, or anything. So it seems I should eventually start to learn and have my friend teach me.

Living in Arizona, I can’t imagine golf is fun in the summer with it being 115 degree’s outside, so the winter is coming up soon and it may be a good time to start to learn.

-Justin Germino

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