Are Adult Playgrounds Viable?

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In a recent article on BBC News about the rise of the adult playground I started thinking about this being a good idea for playgrounds all across the United States as well.

The idea behind an adult playground is that exercise equipment is built or installed in adjoining area’s next to kid’s playgrounds at parks and playgrounds.  This way parents, babysitters…etc have the option to use the exercise equipment while they watch and oversee the kids at the playground.

Studies have shown that people tend to work out when equipment is available and gym memberships are not always affordable for much of the population. 

Even as I was thinking how good idea this was I started thinking about the challenges of implementing adult exercise equipment into existing playground area’s, these came around cost involved for the city or corporations that have those areas as well as how to maintain the equipment and prevent vandalism.  Vandalism being the key detriment as it is easy to sabotage and cause expensive damage to certain exercise equipment so we would want to find ways to deter such from occurring.

Still, I think it’s worth pursuing and giving as an option.  I know I take my kids to the playground fairly often, and I see tons of kids at playgrounds when I visit them in CA and AZ, the parents or babysitters just sitting on benches, maybe this is the extra option to help a portion of the population get a little more exercise?

Link to original BBC Article:

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