Annoyed at No 1099 From Google

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Seriously, I did move and try to update my address in Google AdSense in the W9 section under profile –> Payee Profile Settings, but the new address never took and now my 1099 never arrived. Without that 1099 I have a hard time doing my taxes, and Google with all it’s embracing Internet everything still requires to send you a physical paper copy of your 1099, they can’t just have you login with plus factor (page your phone) to see your 1099 online…seriously?


The fact that I had to open a support ticket, Google cannot bother to let me talk to someone on the phone, that their email response says to update my payment settings which I did 5x and it still won’t reflect a change of address.


So I finally updated it again at the Payee Profile (Edit) as well as the W9 and it looks like it finally took this time.


How is it THE top Technology Company still has to rely on sending a paper copy of a 1099 anyway, why can’t they have an online copy that you can view and print in PDF format? As a way to backup the paper copy sent via snail mail?

So now I will be later than I ever usually am submitting my taxes all because of this delay with getting my 1099 from Google, not 100% Google’s fault as I didn’t address or notice the change of address sooner, but I think they should allow you to print and view your 1099 online without having to have a snail mail copy sent to you anyway for being a large tech company.

Updated: March 21, 2014 — 10:44 pm