Best Amazon Affiliate Month to Date

This post contains affiliate links.

December 2011 was by far my highest earning Amazon Affiliate month to date with making over 100 referral sales and receiving more than $220 in earnings in a single month. While this may only be an average of $2 commission a sale, I do promote a lot of Android apps and such for the Kindle Fire which leads to cross sells and many of the sales were on cases, or accessories for iPad or Kindle Fire this month.

I actually did sell a total of 21 Kindle Fires from my affiliate over the past two months which netted about $150 in referral income just from those devices. I still find that most of my affiliate sales come from but I am gaining increased amount of affiliate earnings from social media broadcasts on Twitter and Facebook.

I need to implement some new tracking ID’s and separate out Twitter/Facebook traffic from Dragonblogger as a whole to help determine which is actually the most effective. Currently I use the same dragonblogger tracking ID on everything related to DragonBlogger, Site, Facebook and twitter so I can’t determine which method of promotions are most effective.

The only problem is when getting affiliate links you have to constantly switch tracking ID’s which is a bit annoying and time consuming, when you switch tracking ID’s it reloads the website and reset’s your search which is also annoying. I really like the way the EasyAZON plugin provides you with an very friendly tracking URL, and this make it very easy to set them up for the blog but isn’t the easiest way to get a friendly affiliate URL for Social Media.

In some cases where it is a major product I promote I simply build a redirect into the .htaccess of my site, for example is a link to my Kindle Fire affiliate page on Amazon since I heavily promote and talk about it and is just easier to have a static URL right off my site.

So far though ever since I installed EasyAzon my affiliate earnings have increased and overall with my traffic growing my Amazon Affiliate income is growing as well. Between Amazon Affiliate and Google Adsense alone (just those 2 programs) I netted over $500 in December 2011. Not bad for passive earning programs in my opinion.

I am convinced though that unlike AdSense which you can only monetize from a site, you really can leverage social media to help boost affiliate earnings from Amazon. I have seen several Facebook fanpages with tens of thousands of followers broadcast affiliate links and I am sure they must bring in some great cross sales.

A simply thing like broadcasting the free Android App of the day with my affiliate link can lead to sales, since even though the app is free the cookie is set in the users browser and they may purchase something else in the next few days and I earn the referral income from it.

If you are looking to augment your site income or social media income, don’t rule becoming an Amazon affiliate out. Even if you are International you can take advantage of Amazon affiliate UK, Canada…etc just know your primary audience and use affiliate links for where the source visit is most likely to come from.

-Justin Germino

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