Affiliate Lights Commissions Earning as Much as AdSense Now

This post contains affiliate links.

Thanks to Affiliate Lights, my Blog Engage referral program is actually almost earning me as much as AdSense on all of my smaller blogs combined.  This is a great service that helps bloggers, especially newer bloggers get some exposure and media reach and Blog Engage is a service that not only provides article syndication but promotion for their articles and especially their YouTube videos so they can get a wider audience.


The plans are reasonable and the ROI has kept me a long time customer and I consider them enough of an ROI to recommend.  Blog Engage is not only a decent way to get some exposure, networking and awareness for your blog but Affiliate Lights is also a decent way to earn recurring monthly payments from syndication customers.  For every customer that subscribes to the Blog Engage RSS Syndication service you get a % commission monthly which is recurring, get a bunch of others who learn the benefits of Blog Engage and sign up under you and this could be a good source of income to help cover expenses like your own monthly web hosting, or even have your referrals pay for your own Blog Engage RSS Syndication and more.


You can see from my above that my Affiliate Lights income from Blog Engage basically covers some of my own blogging expenses, ironically I use it to supplement and help me experiment with more blog networking services as well as purchase gadgets and games to giveaway to readers in sweepstakes for Dragon Blogger.

The Affiliate Lights commissions really add up and help cover some expenses, it was more than enough to cover my web hosting services for my blogs for over a year.


If you want to earn some commissions and do it while selling a service that can benefit peer bloggers, I recommend you take a look at Affiliate Lights to see what helping refer people to Blog Engage can do for you and more importantly to your peers and customers.

Updated: April 4, 2014 — 10:00 am