Advice For Cleaning Windows and Mirrors

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When I first moved to Arizona back in 1995 I was only eighteen and desperate for work at the time. I had a meager $4.25 an hour job at the local video store and supplemented my job with being a house cleaner on weekends. Now at eighteen years of age and before I had any internet access, I did the best I could at house cleaning but was not very efficient. It was when I first learned and was told by one of my employers that “newspaper” makes a better surface cleaner for Glass Windows and Mirrors than Paper Towels or Teri Cloths. You use Vinegar and/or Ammonia (I personally like the Windex Multi-Surface vinegar cleaner) and newspaper instead of the paper towels or other types of towel.

At first I was very skeptical I mean how could something containing a ton of black ink which rubs off on your fingers be efficient at cleaning glass and mirrors? I was amazed at how well the trick worked though, and none of the “lint” residue gets left behind on mirrors or glass when you use good old fashioned newspaper crunched up into a ball shape. I still use this tip and method to clean windows and mirrors in my own home 15 years later and it saves you money on Paper Towel products.

-Justin Germino

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