Adventures in Napa: The Napa Valley Wine Train

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So on July 4th, Independence day which happened to be my 13th Wedding Anniversary my wife and I partook in the Napa Valley Wine train brunch which was from 11:00am to 2:30pm (took off at 11:30am).

The wine train travels 18 miles or so North through the wine country and gives you views of the vineyards and estates from the rails, while you are served a fine mail in the car and go to another car to have dessert.

Now, if you have ever been on a dinner cruise you know what to expect, it is a nice relaxing meal you enjoy while traveling along the rail.  When I talked to my private car driver the following day she had informed me that many people had complained about the Napa Valley Wine train and the biggest complaint she had heard is that they don’t do any stops of the vineyards to let people off and partake at the vineyards but this isn’t the point of the whole Napa Valley Wine train and we enjoyed it and knew exactly what we were getting into.

It is just a breeze through so you can see the estates up and down CA 29, and Saint Helena and know what you are passing and what is out there.  It is more about the dining, drinking and watching the scenery from a reasonable speed and distance rather than stopping and visiting the actual wineries.



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